About Legacy Trust & Wills

About Legacy Trust & WillsLegacy Trust & Wills is a division of Craig, Deachman & Amann, PLLC.  The firm is recognized throughout New Hampshire for the quality of service offered by our reputable attorneys. Our 100 years of combined legal experience and breadth of knowledge enable us to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Our firm has provided estate planning services since its inception
in 1929. In that time, we have created hundreds of estate plans for
clients across the wealth spectrum, from  high-net-worth individuals to middle-class workers and their families.

Legacy Trust & Wills was created to make the high-quality planning traditionally available only to the wealthy accessible to families with average incomes.  Advances in information technology and automation have significantly reduced the cost of delivering quality estate plans.  While many law firms retain the profit realized from those cost savings, Legacy Trust & Wills takes a different approach. We leverage this efficiency, together with our deep expertise, to make quality estate plans available to virtually anyone.

We look forward to working with you to realize your estate planning goals.