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Will Codicils – What Are They?

A “Codicil” is a document that amends, rather than replaces, a previously executed Will.  Amendments made by a Codicil may add or revoke small provisions (such as changing an executor or executors), or may completely change the majority – or all – of the gifts under the Will.  Each Codicil must conform to the same legal requirements as the original Will.  In New Hampshire, the signatures of the Testator (the person making the Codicil), two (2) disinterested witnesses and a Notary / Justice of the Peace are required.

As an alternative to a Codicil, the Testator may choose to modify an existing Will by writing an entire new Will, which revokes any previous Wills and Codicils.

Each situation is unique, so if you should have any questions, please call us, or send an e-mail.  We will talk to you for free.  We actually like this stuff, and helping people prepare for life’s troubles is what we do.


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