The Estate Lawyer Difference


Wills and Trust for local New Hampshire familiesIf you have a net worth in the millions – don’t worry. Not only do you have a comfortable lifestyle, but estate planning attorneys will line up around the block for your business. If you have a more modest lifestyle, however, it can be difficult to find a competent attorney to help you plan for your family’s future.

Often, middle class clients who want to do the right thing and set up a plan that protects them and their family are left with the option of seeking a general practice attorney. Usually, estate planning is one of the many areas that lawyer practices. With criminal cases, litigation and real estate closings having hard deadlines, the client’s estate plan winds up at the bottom of the pile; a chore when business is slow.

At Legacy Trusts & Wills we take a different approach. While certainly qualified to handle larger estates, we are committed to middle class families who think it’s important to be prepared. We have dedicated attorneys and staff who do not get bogged down in other legal matters, but instead are focused on your estate plan and will be available when you call.


While your will is an integral part of your estate plan, modern estate planning utilizes a revocable trust as the central planning tool [link to video on trusts]. During your life, your trust is funded with all your property, accounts and other assets. Many estate planning attorneys are more than happy to draft your trust, but when it comes to funding that trust they simply give you a page of instructions. If you are not diligent in completing that funding process, your trust will not accomplish the goal you just paid for.

At Legacy Trust & Wills we don’t leave things half done. We believe that funding the trust is not a simple matter and should not be left to the client to figure out. If you have made the good choice to plan for your family’s future, we will make sure it is done right and complete when you’re through.


Clients are concerned with just two things when they see a lawyer, the legal problem and the cost. Many law firms have not adapted to the modern payment model used by other businesses. At the local mattress store, for instance, you have a number of options, you may pay by cash, credit card, or payment plan. Most businesses selling products of even modest value offer some kind of payment plan. Most law firms on the other hand, require sizable retainers up front.

At Legacy Trust & Wills we want you to decide what payment method is best for your situation. We offer a variety of payment options including payments over time.