We know you don’t need to add to your holiday To Do list but when is there a better time to be thinking about your family’s future?  Creating a Will could be the best gift you give them.  A Will allows you to determine how your assets are distributed and who is going to be in charge of following through with your wishes.  Your estate will have to be reviewed and distribution overseen by the courts, which can take time, but a Will ensures that your wishes are met and often avoids arguments and uncomfortable situations that can arise when there is no will.  (See previous blog regarding where you keep your will.)

The next time you’re together with family and friends, take a minute to think about who would make a good executor; who is organized and has the time to follow through with what needs to be done?  Think about how and when you would like your assets distributed – kids, grandkids, Humane Society?  Putting this in writing is the only way to ensure that it happens.

We know that the three main reasons people put this off are cost, time and embarrassment.  Our rates are reasonable, we guide you through the process and, honestly, we know there are more people without a will than with one so you should feel good about taking that first step.

If you don’t know where to begin, call us, or send an email.  We will talk to you for free.  We actually like this stuff and helping people prepare for life’s challenges is what we do.

We’re located in Manchester, New Hampshire and Carol is happy to answer your questions. Phone:  603 606-2631.  Email:  [email protected] .