Why do I need an Estate Plan?

Why do I need an Estate Plan?Do you own a house, have titled property, or investments? Are you married? Do you have children?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can benefit from a personalized estate plan. In fact, every family deserves to have a plan that protects them, their loved ones, and their valuable assets if the unthinkable happens.

Simply put, an estate plan allows you the
opportunity to decide:

  • Who will make decisions about your healthcare if you are ever unable to do so.
  • Who will oversee your finances if you are ever unable to do so.
  • How your property will be disbursed at the time of your death.
  • Who will oversee the disbursement of your assets.
  • Who will raise your children, if necessary.

In addition, an estate plan can:

  • Protect your assets by avoiding the expense and time associated with the Probate process, where the state makes the decisions listed above.
  • Protect your family’s privacy by preventing your will from becoming public record – also by avoiding the Probate process.
  • Preserve your wealth for later generations by reducing estate taxes.