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Picture of a Will


If you don’t have a will, or have one that is old, the thought of calling numerous attorneys to ask about the process and the cost can be overwhelming.  And if you are thinking about Revocable Living Trust, you may not have a clue where to begin.  Legacy Trust and Wills has made it our goal to simplify the estate planning process.  You still need to pick up the phone and call but after that, we’ll guide through everything step by step.

1. Call us at 603 606-2631. We have dedicated staff focusing only on estate planning and who can answer most of your questions.   We will ask you some basic questions to get an idea of your personal situation and then we will set up a meeting with an attorney.

2. Come into the office for a meeting where we will ask you what your goals are and gather more information regarding your family and your assets.  We need information regarding your beneficiaries, healthcare decisions, executor and other agents.

3. Provide us with all required information, we will create your drafts and send to you to review.

4. Come into the office and sign all of your documents.  You go home with a binder that contains all of your original documents.  We keep scanned copies, which will also be sent to you.

Throughout the process, a dedicated staff member is assigned to work with you and can always be reached by phone or email.  We charge a flat fee for most estate plans so you know the cost before we begin.  Should additional fees be required, although this rarely happen, we will let you know the cost up front.


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