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Writing your will, creating a trust, or developing a complete estate plan can be overwhelming, requiring you to navigate legal unknowns. That’s why we created Legacy Trust & Wills, a team of expert estate attorneys that truly lean in, listen to your needs and tailor your will or estate plan, together with you.

You deserve a team that will always work to protect your legacy, today and tomorrow.

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Personalized Estate Planning

Do you own a house, have titled property, or investments? Are you married? Do you have children? Then you should be considering a personalized estate plan, beyond a simple will. Our estate attorneys work with families to create estate plans that truly protect them, their loved ones, and their assets if the unthinkable happens.

Estate Planning Services

At Legacy Trust & Wills, we combine decades of legal expertise with
advanced technology to deliver a high-quality estate plan tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced lawyers provide a comprehensive plan to ensure your legacy, and protect your loved ones. We believe strongly that the greatest benefit comes from a comprehensive, integrated plan that goes beyond trust and wills to encompass a variety of additional protections. Our estate planning service includes the following important elements: Durable Power of Attorney, Revocable Trust, Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, Pour-Over Will and HIPAA Waiver. 

Durable Power of Attorney

This document appoints an agent who can act on your behalf with regard to financial matters. If you become ill and are unable to make decisions, your agent can manage your bank account, deal with your mortgage company, and help guide your financial affairs until you recover.

Living Will

The Living Will enables you to make decisions about the care you receive at the end of life. Many people dread being hooked up to machines when there is no chance they will ever recover. The Living Will tells your healthcare providers and your agent what your wishes are, allowing you to pass with dignity as you define it.

Pour-over Will

Because modern estate plans are based on a trust, we create a will—called a Pour Over Will—that is designed to move property into your trust. While every effort is made to fund your trust during your life, the Pour Over Will is protection against unforeseen events.

Revocable Trust

While the traditional Last Will and Testament has its place, a Revocable Trust is the core instrument of a modern estate plan. A Revocable Trust creates a foundation that lets you determine who will control your assets upon your incapacity or death without the time and expense of probate court.

Healthcare Proxy

Also called Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, the Healthcare Proxy is as important as any other instrument in your estate plan. This document lets you appoint an agent, usually a relative or close friend, to make healthcare decisions if you are unable to make them on your own.

HIPAA Waiver

With strict government regulations forbidding anyone in the healthcare business from discussing your medical condition, the HIPPA Waiver enables your family and trusted friends to help you in difficult times. The absence of a HIPPA Waiver makes it increasingly difficult for loved ones to assist in times of need, whether in terms of insurance company communications or gathering neccessary details from your doctor.

A Personalized Process

Your will, trust or estate plan is important and requires a special touch. We pride ourselves on a process that helps us best understand you.

Step 1

Collect information

One of our paralegals will ask you some basic questions about your family life and finances to assist us in preparing for your first meeting. At Legacy, we take privacy very seriously, and maintain a high level of confidentiality for all information gathered.

Step 2

Personal review

Meet with one of our experienced attorneys, who will explain the process in plain English and help craft the plan that is right for you.

Step 3

Customize your plan

Our team will go to work drafting the documents needed to create your plan. We’ll meet again to review them with you and when you are satisfied we’ll have you sign. That’s all there is to it.

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Estate planning is often a neglected part of financial planning because it can be uncomfortable. However, it shouldn’t be overlooked because it gives you the opportunity to decide your legacy.


A Division of Craig, Deachman & Associates Law Firm, Legacy Trust and Wills provides high quality, personalized and affordable estate planning including trusts and wills.


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