Families with college-bound students are often ill-prepared for medical and legal issues that may arise while their student is off at school. Now that college students are 18 years old a host of privacy laws and regulations prevent access to information that the parents always had. Some families start to experience this when their student is still in high school and turns 18. Many high schools limit the information available to parents. When dealing with the family doctor, it’s often a shock that parents can’t get information about their child any longer. This reality can be reflected tenfold when the student goes to college in another town or state.

No one likes to think about accidents or illnesses, but these things happen. If a college student is unconscious or unable to communicate how will the parents get information or help make decisions? Without the proper power of attorney and medical release, they can’t.

These documents are not that complicated. They are widely used in estate planning. When parents start getting older they often sign powers of attorney and medical releases giving their children access to medical information and often decision-making powers too.

It is certainly not unusual for college students to get into trouble now and then. If a student is questioned by the police, justly or unjustly, parents need to have power of attorney to access information and help their student get through the trouble.

What about other disputes, such as a fight with the landlord, travel arrangements, or access to financial accounts?  Any number of problems can arise when a child is off at school. A good lawyer can help your family be ready to handle these issues.